Director’s Letter

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Union Printmakers Atelier opened in 1977 in the Graphic Communications International Union (GCIU) building at 1900 L St. in NW Washington DC. At its zenith, the studio was home to over 60 local artists. It also served as a GWU and Smithsonian Resident Associates printmaking classroom in the early and mid 80’s. Safety issues with GCIU and OSHA resulted in the studio being closed in the mid 90’s to everyone except me. I continued to do my own work there and I continued printing editions for other artists. Over the years it has been my privilege to print for Bill Christenberry, David Chung, Robert A. Nelson, Sydney Goodman, Wonsook Kim, Georgia Deal, Fred Folsom, P. Buckley Moss, Jody Mussoff, Kevin MacDonald, Michael Platt, Jenny Freestone, Rob Evans and many other fine artist/printmakers.

In 2001 the GCIU sold their building and a year later I moved three of the presses and over 200 litho stones into the printmaking studio at GWU where I had taught Printmaking for 24 years. In 2003 the GWU Art Department voted to make changes in its curriculum and closed the Printmaking program. Now as 2005 begins, I am announcing plans to reopen Union Printmakers Atelier in a new and larger space.

Union Printmakers Atelier has always fostered an environment of collaboration and diversity between experienced artists and willing students. I have a deep respect for Printmaking’s historical traditions. I embrace the challenge of working with the new digital media and it’s techniques. This studio will balance discipline and openness while striving to assist artists in realizing their artistic vision through whichever printed media they choose.

As director, I have strived to maintain the focus and integrity of the atelier since its inception. As an educator, it has been my privilege to introduce several thousand students to the methods, materials, history and techniques of Printmaking and Drawing during my 27-year teaching career at the Corcoran, GWU and the Smithsonian. As a master printer I feel I have much to contribute to the collaboration process of artist and printer. As an artist I will never cease to be amazed, no matter the technique, by every new A/P.

Union Printmakers Atelier again opens its doors again. I respectfully look forward to seeing old friends and many new faces in the studio.

Scip Barnhart